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You know your organization. You know it better than anyone. You have analyzed every aspect of it, including your strengths and your weaknesses. But if you’re like most professionals, you’re too busy to maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. That’s what we do best. And quite often, we uncover disguised strengths and weaknesses.

Using a broad range of methodology, Summit Solution Group helps identify the hidden pitfalls, then turns these dangers into opportunities by bringing your entire team together to overcome them.

  • Motivational Speaking— Take your next conference or event to the top. Chris Zervas is a high content speaker who is motivational/inspirational in style and tone.

    Click here to watch a speaker profile of Chris.

  • Seminars/Training— Where are you stuck organizationally? Through discussion and discovery, we can provide you customized instruction on a variety of topics.
    • Customer Service
    • Sales Training
    • Meeting Management
    • Time and Stress Management
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Communication
    • Business Etiquette
      …and more.

    We would be delighted to develop training for your unique needs.
    • Team Building — Do you need organizational unity? We provide experiential and group-style training both on-site and off-site.
    • Consulting — How are your teams functioning together? Rather than marching in place, we can help your team grow in commitment through relational growth.
    • Presentation/Speech Coaching ("Wow 'Em") — Do you have an audience you need to WOW? From “C” level executives to University students, our team has trained presenters to “Wow” their audience. “Wow ‘Em” builds from 5 foundational principles to equip you for success.
    • Fund Raising — Your organization can understand how to build friends and partners to be ambassadors for your cause. Friend Raising and in-depth analysis help your organization grow.
    • Employee Coaching — The key to our very successful employee coaching program is the concentration on continuous evaluation. We serve a limited number of clients to help them reach new heights through new skill development and perspective.
    • Strategic Planning — Working alongside your senior management, we diligently guide your next steps. Utilizing a variety of tactics, and scrutinizing the route you have taken as well as the route you want to take, we can most successfully plot your ascent.
    • Retreat Management — There are many aspects of a successful retreat. How can we best help you and provide you with a retreat that benefits both your participants and takes the pressure off of you.

    There are many ways in which we can transform your organization, but but a very popular tool is the:
    • DISCovery Session —.

      • Using proven DISC behavioral style assessments allows each individual to learn their own behavioral style and communication patterns as well as those of their peers and colleagues.
      • When people better understand their own behavior and the behaviors of those around them opportunities open up, retention increases, communication improves, stress is reduced, and productivity levels soar.
      • A customized presentation is created for your group based upon your goals and objectives. At that point, we reach a basic understanding of the variety of behavioral styles that are present in your organization and how to develop ways to maximize their effectiveness. Your team will then have guided interaction to cement the lessons learned and implement them into everyday activities.